It makes a nice change from the remaining huge hotels, and there is no annoying hotel fee or parking fee. Sitting in the hot tub one day, which will be on stilts and one of the volcano trees, has been among the highlights of our two weeks in Hawaii!

Aloha! This place is wonderful! Staff recommended us some trikes in cozumel tours on our next time in Mexico. We totally loved it! The area was so stunning and gave us a choice to utilize glow lights which were so trendy and made everything seem magnificent.

The toilet and shower were terrific also. Outside, it is possible to walk round in a superbly done place where there is a small bridge, garden in addition to a hot tub. Thank you! Mahalo!

I seriously couldn’t think when we walked into the chambers. They were unbelievable! The women were ignored, also.

One had a large shower with double shower heads. Another had a jacuzzi bathtub (and little shower). Beautiful views outside the windows. Excellent “fireplace” attribute; it’s but one of those TV-like fireplace displays with warmth (see images below). Clean accommodations. Excellent price for the price (though we observed during the slow time and possibly got a much better deal).

I really don’t know what more I could add besides the very favorable reviews which have previously been posted. But I could say that after a very long day of traveling from the East Coast of the USA, after which a comparatively long drive from the Kona Airport to Volcano, we could not have been more happy with what awaited us in Chalet Kilauea.

Only an excellent location, with large rooms which are decorated appealingly. Thank you.

This place is superb. Fantastic rooms and fantastic customer support! They really cared to be sure to have a fantastic time while staying together. We’re continually looking forward to staying there again next time we see the Big Island.