This is a superb hotel at a great place under a block from the middle of 5th ave., and it is an excellent starting base to research Playa del Carmen.

Last summer (2018) I reserved the hotel for a week and was thrilled with Playa and this resort mainly, I chose to stay an extra week. When I said my desire to reserve a couple more days in the resort, they upgraded my area to a high floor, closer to the water and consequently using a much better perspective, and for precisely the same cost.

From the exterior, the resort resembles a cruise boat. The whole premises appear fresh and are well cared for. Examine the pictures!

The resort has a small rooftop bar with an infinity pool, which brings a few locals and outsiders throughout the weekend and it might find a little too crowded with younger individuals (particularly during bartenders contests) — although not my thing, even if you enjoy this, then that is the area for you — but besides all those times, it was a fantastic place to hang out and unwind, with glorious views of the ocean. The music was beautiful, perhaps a little too much night club vibe; now and then it might have dancers in bikinis, either throughout the day and during the night. The resort also offers its restaurant, which can be reasonably and has both indoors and outside seats right next to the sand; the ceremony and the meals were excellent. Even though there was no health club, it’d have masseurs on employees, together with the roof deck or room service available, which did an excellent job.

The team was fantastic, really friendly giving cozumel shore snorkeling recommendations, helpful, always eager to assist. Naomi, Yael, Freddy, Jorge, Rocio, Leslie, Monica (these only from my very great memories of these ) and lots of others (please forgive meI dropped the sheet I had all of the titles and names were written down) were always keen to go out of the way to be sure I had a fantastic stay.

Both of these could be viewed daily walking about, greeting guests, having drinks together, etc.. 1 afternoon, among these, Phil, asked me questions regarding the resorts and I was fair: although everything was good, the pub could use somewhat higher-end liquors, along with the java (both at the area and in the restaurant) might be far better. The following day, the pub had a couple of single malt scotches to my surprise and pleasure; and the java machines, he promised, would be updated whenever possible.

Even though this isn’t an all-inclusive resort, I managed to benefit from a promotion which supplied me with a daily charge, which for a single individual was sufficient to eat and beverages a la carte virtually all day. The development also contained a free massage.

Great hotel. I wasn’t paid to write this review, nevertheless, Phil, I could take one on the deal and also reach out to another time I choose to see Playa del Carmen.